What does Integrative mean?

We are all trained in a variety of approaches and this may feel confusing. My particular training is called ‘Integrative’, it means that I have studied the theories of:-

• Freud – psychodynamic
• Jung – Transpersonal
• Rogers- Humanistic

• Also incorporating  training in Transactional analysis, Gestalt, and CBT.


How some of theses models help me in my practise:-

The psychodynamic model helps in understanding the nature of defence mechanisms and how they are put in place to protect against overwhelming feelings. These may have been very helpful in the past, but now they may stop you from communicating what you really need and prevent others from getting close to you.


The transpersonal helps in understanding that we are all creative beings. In this model, we refer to addictions and behaviours as creative adaptations that have enabled the individual to survive under difficult circumstances.

This model recognises that we are intuitive/instinctive beings. You may feel that you have a ‘knowing’, a ‘niggling’ uneasiness about a situation or person, but this internal voice gets drowned out by doubts,fears and the voices of others.It is valuable to learn to reconnect with this part of yourself.


The humanistic model acknowledges that you are the expert on yourself. The counsellor’s role is to listen to you, non-judgmentally and unconditionally,attempting to understand your world as you communicate it.The counselling relationship facilitates change because it is based on trust and genuineness.