“I am so grateful to be able to work with Caroline. When I look at how far I’ve come, my experience of life has changed through this process and feels so much richer now. That’s not to say I don’t still have difficulties and a way to go, but I’ve developed and continue to develop the resolve to deal with these. Nor is that to say, I haven’t had to work hard myself, but being in therapy throughout this has been a tremendous support. With Caroline, I really feel like I have someone there who is on my side and a lot of the time that is all I have needed. Having such a supportive relationship in my life has I feel been key in developing a much better relationship with myself. 5* recommendation from me :)”    Male  aged 30 ( Worthing)


‘Caroline instantly made me feel at ease and conversation started easily. Throughout the sessions, I was encouraged to start focusing on myself again and how it important it was to show my needs and weaknesses to others and not keep my anxieties to myself .
Caroline didn’t solve my problems, she showed me how to work through them.
After each session , I felt inspired and confident about my future. ‘
Lisa (Worthing)


‘I’ve recently come to the end of a long journey and chapter in my life and I can honestly say I feel brand new!     Thankfully I had Caroline, with me, to hold my hand through the ups and downs.

When I first came to see Caroline she made me feel comfortable and welcome which, for me, helped me relax and, probably for the first time, helped me be me. She was always calming, welcoming and very professional. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes I felt sad and some things were difficult to deal with and work through, but I never felt judged. I’ve come a long way and I now feel like I know who I am and where I fit into my life.

I would highly recommend anyone who has any struggles, in life, to take the step and have some counselling. Let’s face it, that is all of us! , and Caroline is the perfect professional to help you find the way to a happier, better you.’

Female ( Arundel )